It’s Me, Fadhilah!

Hello!  My name is Fadhilah Sana Rachmaputri. You can call me Fadhilah, Dhilah or Putri. I was born May 6th, 2000 in Bandung, Indonesia, and grew up here. I always love its very nice ambiance and all delicious culinary in this town.

I live in the southern Bandung with my lovely family; My parents, two sisters, a brother and a cousin. I am a daughter of mix-marriage parent, my father has a Javanese blood in his veins but my mother from Sundanese ethnic. My eldest sister, kak Gantina, is a lecturer in ITB. She will have completed her PhD degree in mathematics at the same institute this year. My second sister, mbak Dea, has been working in Rumah Zakat Indonesia for five years. My brother, mas Arie, freshly graduated from UPI and work in Surabaya now. Meanwhile my cousin, Aulia, started her undergraduate school in UNPAD this year.

I have many hobbies, such as reading, swimming and drawing. I really like to read novels, because it is fun. When I read a novel, I felt like play a role in that story. Once I’ve read the early part of the novel, I will not stop until it last section. My second hobby is swimming, but I’m not a good swimmer like an athlete. I like drawing to spend my leisure time.

I graduated kindergarten in 2005. I went to SDPN Pajagalan 58 Bandung and graduated in 2012. After that, I take the junior high school life at SMPN 3 Bandung and graduated in 2015. When I was in the third grade of SMPN 3 Bandung, I really hope could be a student of SMAN 3 Bandung. Thanks God it’s finally came true, now I’m in the first grade of the most favorite public senior high school in town. I am very happy became a student at the best schools, in my city, Bandung, even my country, Indonesia.

One of my dreams is become an extra-talented, creative and well-known architect. I’m highly motivated by the major of Bandung City, Mr. Ridwan Kamil. His leadership leads Bandung’s people to love their city and, eventually, turn Bandung into a better city than before. Of course, I will studying hard to fulfill my dreams. Wish me luck, Guys!


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