My New Friend, Ilman.


Hello readers! We meet again on this blog. And this time I will tell you about one of my new friends at 3 Senior High School Bandung. His name is Ilman.

Let we go! His full name is Fathoni Khotibul Ilman, my friends and I usually call him Ilman. He lives in the southern of Bandung too, not far from my house. I ever once came home with him using public transportation, because our house the same direction. On the way, we talked about various things. He is a friendly and a good person, of course. He born in Bandung on the first of August 2001. Now he 14 years old, a year younger than me because he has followed acceleration class when he was in the junior high school.

He has many hobbies. Such as playing computer, he likes everything that related to computer. And he likes reading novel.

Ilman is a clever boy, he alwaysactive in the learning process in the classroom. He had to take a test to get into acceleration class along with four other friends in the class. He said, he want to continue his studies to ITB. He wants to be a successful entrepreneur, politician or even president in the future. I hope you can fulfill all of your dreams.


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