Complementing Dialogue

Fadhilah    : Hello Laila!

Laila           : Hii Fadhilah!

Fadhilah    : Long time no see right?

Laila           : Hahah that’s right!

Fadhilah    : What are you doing here, Laila?

Laila           : I just finished shopping.

Fadhilah    : What do you buy, Laila?

Laila           : I bought many cute clothes and two shoes, wanna see?

Fadhilah    : Oh, yes sure.

Laila           : Look at this! nice shirt right?

Fadhilah    : Wow, so beautiful!

Laila           : Do you wanna look my shoes?

Fadhilah    : Is it as nice as your shirt?

Laila           : Yeah I think.

Fadhilah    : Come on, I want to see!

Laila           : Look, this is beautiful with a doodle motive!

Fadhilah    : Wonderful! i’m sure you will look so pretty when you wear this shoes!

Laila           : Oh thank you Fadhilah. So, where will you go now?

Fadhilah    : I will go home, you?

Laila           : Me too.

Fadhilah    : OK, bye Laila. See you later!

Laila           : See you later, Fadhilah!


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