My Holiday

Last month, after I ot my school report I just stayed at home. I can’t go holiday because my dad, my sisters, and brother must go to work everyday. It’s so bored to stay at home because my mom always went with her friends and left me alone. So, I became a very lazy girl hehe. i just watched, slept, played game and ate. I don’t know what I should do for fill my holiday. Sometimes I just followed my sister to her campus and stayed at her room doing nothing. She always wants  me to help her to correct the student task. I like to walk around her college because I hope someday I can study there. I usually played with a child whose name is Emril. he is a son from my sister friend’s. He is so cute and so smart.

At December 24, I went to Pangalengan with my mom. We should come to the invitation. After that we went to my aunt house. We ate and took some rest. Then my mom back to Bandung but I stayed at Pangalengan with my sister. Before my mom back, I went to my friend house without talk anyone. I’m back maybe about 30 minutes. My friend took me back to my aunt house. After he got back, I got my sister, mom, aunty and everyone there angry to me. They were searched for me foor 15 minutes I think, they though I was kidnaped. I’m so scared that everyone angry with me and I just can be quite . After that I can’t go anywhere without my sister. I must follow my sister  everywhere she went. And I followed her to ‘Uncal’, there is many tea farm. The air is so fresh and we took some photos. I back to Bandung at December 25. I can;t stay for longer because I should attend the short semester in math lesson.

At December 28 I went to school and met my friends like Rosa, Dewi, Virgi, Anisa, Navel and many more for the same reason, we did the short semester. We did the short semesterfor studied for two days. And the third days, this is the last day we did the exam. I very scared that I can’t pass the exam again. we came to class room at 10.00 and did the test. After finished I saw my result that I just got 60. But I’m very happy because I can passed. Next days holiday I just stayed at home. Really this holiday is so bored.


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