Every year SMAN 3 Bandung has always held a cultural festival. So also this year, our school held a Festival of Arts, Literature and Culture: GAMARVANI. Gamarvani taken from two Latin words namely ‘gamma’ which means to travel and ‘parvani’ which means to the moon, so ‘Gamarvani’ means a trip to the moon. Gamarvani taken from the folklore of West Java, entitled Nyai Anteh Sang Penunggu Bulan. Gamarvani held on Saturday 19 September 2015 in Bali Field Bandung, about 8 o’clock parade begins, this parade themed western Java culture followed by elementary and junior high school students from Bandung city, and there are prizes! And the winner is the SD BPI !!!

At 10, gamarvani open gate, and the people began to arrive, many food stands and food trucks, a variety of appearance are of great interest to watch like performance art with the environment LSS 3 or the circle of art the circle of art Sundanese, manggala awi, martial arts, classical dance, ArumbAcoustic, 3 band who sang various songs Sunda in the arrangement so it is amazing, KPA 3 or alloy families angklung, ParaHyena, KV 3. There are also various kinds of traditional games such as gatrik, stilts and much more. then there is the appearance of T’ST or tiloe’s theater is very exciting, after maghrib prayer break the show continued, and all the people gathered in front of the stage to watch the first guest star gamarvani, Adera !!!! Adera sing a variety of songs that make us all enjoyed it very much, we all sing together for about an hour, and continued with the collaboration of various community performances SMA 3 Bandung. The last part of Gamarvani, appearance of HiVi! This we all wait on events Gamarvani, HiVi up to the stage and we all shouting excitedly, HiVi sang their songs that are trendy among teenagers, all of us sing together, even though it late at night but we still spirit to enjoy the performances of this popular band. The event finished at 11 pm.

This experience so enjoyable, will continue to remember the memory, thanks Gamarvani, GAMARVANI, scintillating love of country.